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AR# 24141

8.2i EDK - Is the C++ programming language supported by EDK Compilers?


Is the C++ programming language supported by EDK Compilers?


EDK includes the GNU compiler collection (GCC) for both PowerPC and MicroBlaze processors. The EDK GNU tools support both the C and C++ languages.

The MicroBlaze GNU tools include:

-mb-gcc and mb-g++ compilers

- mb-as assembler

- mb-ld linker.

The PowerPC tools include:

- powerpc-eabi-gcc and powerpc-eabi-g++ compilers

- powerpc-eabi-as assembler

- powerpc-eabi-ld linker

The tool chains also include the C, Math, GCC, and C++ standard libraries. The GCC tools are built from the open source GCC 3.4 version sources. The concepts, options, usage, and exceptions to language and library support are described in the EST Guide, Chapter: "GNU Compiler Tools" found in the EDK 8.2i Install area:


AR# 24141
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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