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AR# 24172

8.2i IP Update #2 - Critical patch required to address Block Memory Generator v2.2 and FIFO Generator v3.2 issues


A critical patch, 82i_ip_update2_bmg_v2_2_fifo_gen_v3_2_r1.zip, must be installed over ISE 8.2i IP Update #2 prior to generating the Block Memory Generator v2.2 core or the FIFO Generator v3.2 core. The patch addresses the following five issues:

Block Memory Generator v2.2

(Xilinx Answer 24104) - When using the Byte Write Enable feature, the data read out from the memory might not match what is expected.

(Xilinx Answer 24061) - Unexpected data is seen on the output because the memory is generated with the incorrect write mode.

(Xilinx Answer 24069) - Memory is not initialized correctly using either COE file or "Filling Memory Locations" option.

(Xilinx Answer 24033) - Block Memory Resource Estimate (on last page of GUI) reports it is "undefined" .

FIFO Generator v3.2

(Xilinx Answer 24019) - Core cannot be generated for Independent Clock Block RAM FIFOs with input_depth=16 and output_depth=128 or input_depth=128 and output_depth=16.

This patch must be installed over IP Update #2. It can be installed before of after the Virtex-5 LX/LXT installer. See (Xilinx Answer 9795) for Virtex-5 LX/LXT install information.


To obtain the 82i_ip_update2_bmg_v2_2_fifo_gen_v3_2_r1.zip patch, follow these steps:

1. Close the CORE Generator application, if it is running.

2. Download the following patch and save it to a temporary directory:

3. Using a file extraction utility such as WinZIP, extract the zip file onto your top-level ISE 8.2i software installation, preserving the file directory structure specified in the zip file (default location is C:/Xilinx).

4. Restart CORE Generator.

5. You can verify that the patch has been successfully installed by checking the Version Info file of these two cores:

- Block Memory Generator v2.2 will indicate "Bug Fixes in v2.2 rev 1"

- FIFO Generator v3.2 will indicate "Bug Fixes in v3.2 rev 1 "
AR# 24172
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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