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AR# 24350

Spartan-3A - Known Issues with Spartan-3A and the ISE 8.2 software


What are the Known Issues for Spartan-3A in the ISE 8.2.03i software?


ISE 8.2, Service Pack 3 has the following known issues for Spartan-3A:

- Limited PACE/Floorplanner support.

-- Banking rules are not supported in Pace.

- Speed files are at preview status and are based on Spartan-3E data.

- No IBIS file support available yet. Spartan-3A I/O will be significantly different than any other family.

- XC3S50A, XC3S200A, and XC3S400A bitstreams might need to be re-generated in a future design tools release.

--- For the XC3S400A, you will have to re-implement the entire design in a future design tools release.

- PCI Core and PCI interfacing are not yet supported.

- ChipScope is not yet supported.

- Higher-drive LVCMOS outputs constrainted to banks 0 and/or 2 are allowed in SW but not supported in the silicon.

- The BSDL files included in the 8.2.03i release are not the most recent. Please use the BSDL files at the Xilinx Download Center:


Note: Please check the Spartan-3A Errata for information on silicon issues.


For any additional information on Spartan-3A, please visit the home page at:


If you have any questions, please contact Xilinx Technical Support:


AR# 24350
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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