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AR# 24369

Chipscope 8.2.04i - Does the Serial IO Toolkit (IBERT) support LXT devices?


Does the Serial IO Toolkit (IBERT) support LXT devices?


ChipScope version 8.2.04 contains Serial IO Toolkit (IBERT) support for the Virtex-5 LXT devices. To use the new functionality, a Serial IO Toolkit Registration ID is required, and the ISE 8.2.03i software must be used for implementation, along with the Virtex-5 LXT patch. In 8.2.04i ChipScope, only the V5LX50T and V5LX110T are supported.  

The method for getting to a link in V5 IBERT:  

1. Configure the Device with a ChipScope IBERT bitstream  

2. Open the IBERT Console  

3. In the Clock Settings Tab, make sure that power is set to ON, and coupling set to AC.  

4. Make sure the Refclk frequency is accurate. The PLL should be locked at this point.  

5. In the BERT Settings Tab, click on the Edit Line Rate button and choose the line rate for each GTP_DUAL.  

6. If there are external loopback cables connected, there should be a link. Otherwise, choose a loopback setting (see Known Issues below).  

With the 8.2.04 Serial IO Toolkit, there are currently two known issues with IBERT for V5 LXT:  

1. Near-End Fabric Loopback and Near-End PMA Loopback are currently not working. This will be fixed in a future release.  

2. If the IBERT Console is open and the device is reconfigured, the IBERT Console will stop updating periodically. Close the Console and reopen it to resume the periodic updates.

AR# 24369
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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