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AR# 24384

9.1i CORE Generator - When I open CORE Generator, the following message occurs: "Overriding Xilinx file <images\gq-cmd-edit-find.png> with local file"


Keywords: COREGen, install, winxp64, variable, boot loader, environment

When I open the 9.1i CORE Generator, the following message occurs:
"Overriding Xilinx file <images\gq-cmd-edit-find.png> with local file <<Xilinx install path>/data/images\gq-cmd-edit-find.png>"


This error message does not cause a problem. However, you should verify that the Xilinx variable is correctly pointing to the correct Xilinx install location (or not set at all). The message is occurring because the CORE Generator boot loader recognizes the existing value of XILINX and appends it in front of the CORE Generator executable location (i.e., XILINX is treated as a multi-element path list).

If the XILINX variable is set to a different install area (e.g. ISE 8.2i), then CORE Generator looks for IP in both install areas. Attempting to generate or customize an IP core that is not available in the correct 9.1i ISE install area generates an error.

The problem is scheduled to be fixed in the first IP update for ISE 9.1i
AR# 24384
Date 04/08/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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