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AR# 24522

8.2i MAP - "ERROR:Map:6 - Bad format for RLOC constraint "R0C0.S0" on FDRE symbol "<...>"


During MAP, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:Map:6 - Bad format for RLOC constraint "R0C0.S0" on FDRE symbol "<...>""

When I try to disable the use of RLOCs with the "USE_RLOC" constraint with "INST "*" USE_RLOC = FALSE", the error still occurs. Why does error occur?


It appears that the format of the RLOC constraints is checked first before checking if the RLOCs are eventually used.

To work around this problem assign the new format to all corresponding instances and use the "USE_RLOC" constraint, as in the following example:

INST "inst_module/*" RLOC = "X0Y0";

INST "inst_module/*" USE_RLOC = FALSE;

AR# 24522
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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