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AR# 24707

ChipScope IBERT 9.1.01 - "Invalid Line Rate" or "Invalid Clock Frequency" pop-ups occur when specifying refclk on Windows versions that use commas as the decimal point


A problem has been seen in the ChipScope Core Generator GUI when I attempt to generate an IBERT Core for V-4 or V-5 on versions of Windows where a comma is used as the decimal point (that is, German Windows). The problem is that I cannot specify floating point numbers for the refclk frequency in the clock or MGT Options panels. This results in pop-ups that read "Invalid Line Rate" or "Invalid Clock Frequency" even though the frequencies are valid.


There is a method by which to work around this issue: 


1. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options. 

2. Under Regional Options tab, in the Standards and formats section, there are two options: 


A. Select English (United States) as your formatting language 

B. Customize the settings such that the numbers use commas to separate the large numbers and periods as the decimal point, (that is, 123,456,789.00) 


FYI: One way to know this is the problem is that numbers in this panel may be formatted as: 123.456.789,00

AR# 24707
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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