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AR# 24808

8.2i EDK - Tactical patch to address SDK and XMD issues


Current, known limitations with SDK and XMD in 8.2i:

1. It is not possible "run" an application program more than once.

2. Running application program does not work in SDK on Linux platform.

3. Application projects migrated from SDK 8.1 to SDK 8.2 might contain duplicate entries for linker scripts.

4. Application build failures when using *.s source files, due to dependency files generation.

5. Handling consistent loading of LMA & VMA sections. Refer to (Xilinx Answer 24323) for more information.


A patch is available for the above mentioned issues:

1. Download: http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/swhelp/ise8_updates/sdk_xmd_82i_patch.zip
2. Unzip "sdk_xmd_82i_patch.zip" into a 'safe' directory.

Installation Instructions for SDK patch


1. Make a backup of the following directories.



NOTE: The backup should *not* be made within the "plugins" directory.

2. Unzip the file com.xilinx.mdt.edk.debug_8.2.0.zip into


3. Unzip the file com.xilinx.mdt.edk.managedbuilder_8.2.0.zip into


Installation Instructions for XMD patch


1. Make a backup of the following binary:

On NT, ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/nt/xmd.exe

On Linux, ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/lin/xmd

2. Copy the patch binary:

On NT, Copy xmd.exe to ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/nt/xmd.exe

On Linux, Copy xmd to ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/lin/xmd

AR# 24808
Date Created 09/04/2007
Last Updated 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article