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AR# 24889

MPMC2 GUI - WinXP - Error message: "Process Timeout - The following command did not execute or finish properly"


MPMC2 IP Configurator versions: v1.6, v1.7 and v1.8

I am using Windows XP, and when I click on Make Pcore, a dialog box appears with the following message:

"Process Timeout - The following command did not execute or finish properly: <some command>"

What should I do to resolve this issue?


The problem is that your Windows XP path environment variable is not set correctly. You need to add "%XILINX_EDK%\cygwin\bin" to your path by following these steps:

1. Right-click on My Computer.

2. Select Properties.

3. Click on the Advanced tab.

4. Click on the Environment Variables button.

5. Change the system path and add "%XILINX_EDK%\cygwin\bin" at the end of the Variable value.

To ensure that the value was added to your path, run the following command from any DOS Command Prompt:

(Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt): sed -V

If the command is not found, the path is not correctly set. If this is the case, check to see if the path actually exists. If it does and the XILINX_EDK variable is set, run "Launch EDK Shell" found in Start -> Xilinx Platform Studio 8.2i -> Accessories -> Launch EDK Shell (default location).

Once the application is open, change your directory to where the mpmc2_gui is located, which is the MPMC2 install directory:

$ cd c:

$ cd /mpmc2_install_directory

$ ./mpmc2_gui.exe

The MPMC2 IP Configurator will appear.
AR# 24889
Date 11/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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