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AR# 24911

Platform Cable USB - When using Platform USB cable, error occurs: "INFO: write cmdbuffer failed 20000015"


Keywords: analyzer, DLC9, EDK

When using the Xilinx Platform USB cable with ChipScope Analyzer 9.1.01, or 9.1.02 iMPACT, or XMD, the following error occurs:

"INFO: write cmdbuffer failed 20000015"

The error is caused when Xilinx design tools are unable to perform the mandatory CPLD update on the Xilinx Platform USB cable.



You can use one of the following methods to work around this issue:

iMPACT is Installed

1. Unplug the Xilinx Platform USB cable from the computer and plug it back in.
2. Run iMPACT.
3. Open the Xilinx Platform USB cable by double-clicking Boundary Scan on the list to the left.
4. Right-click on the main window, choose Cable Setup, choose Xilinx USB Cable, and press OK.
5. A dialog box should appear stating that a firmware update will be performed on the cable; press OK.
6. After this is complete, ChipScope can be used again with the Xilinx Platform USB cable.

ChipScope 9.1.02 is Installed

1. Download the following tcl script:
2. Put it in <ChipScope Installation>/bin/<platform>. (The default <ChipScope Installation> is C:\Xilinx\ChipScope_Pro_9_1i\bin\nt on Windows).
3. From a command line, go to the <ChipScope Installation>/bin/<platform> directory.
4. Run:
cs_xtclsh cpld_update_fix.tcl
5. A message is displayed indicating that the Platform USB cable requires a firmware update. After the message "Cable closed successfully" appears, ChipScope can be used with the Xilinx Platform USB Cable.

NOTE: This issue is fixed in the upcoming 9.1.03 release and will not require a work-around to perform a CPLD update on the Xilinx Platform USB cable.

XMD is Installed

This can be due to a conflict with a jtagserver driver. Disable the jtagserver and windriver drivers and force the USB cable driver reinstallation as follows:

Browse to %Xilinx%/bin/nt directory in a command prompt and enter the following:

wdreg -inf .\windrvr6.inf install

wdreg -inf .\xusbdrvr.inf install


Error Occurs Using EDK FlashWriter

You can solve this issue by running FlashWriter using the following command line:

xmd -tcl flashwriter.tcl

AR# 24911
Date 12/16/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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