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AR# 24992

Spartan-3A - Production speeds files availability


All Spartan-3A devices have a production speed file available that might not be in the ISE 9.1.03i design tools. This Answer Record is the place to obtain the patch for the updated production speeds files.


"Spartan3A_v136_Speeds_Files.zip" is a ZIP file that contains the latest speeds files for Spartan-3A.

This patch can be used in conjunction with the latest ISE design tools (ISE9.1.03i) available on xilinx.com.

This is Version 1.36 of the Spartan-3A Speed Files. The change for this file is that all Spartan-3A devices are now in Production status for both the -4 and -5 speed grades:






Installation and Use:

Unzip the file to your root Xilinx 9.1 install directory (example: C:\Xilinx_9.1). This will be the location your "Xilinx" environment variable points to. Allow all files to be overwritten. For more information, read the included "readme.txt" file.

You can download "Spartan3A_v136_Speeds_Files.zip" from the following FTP site:


NOTE: When it is available, ISE 9.2i will have the most updated speeds files included with the design tools install.

AR# 24992
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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