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AR# 25196

Software Customer Service - How do I gain access to an IP core lounge?


How do I gain access to an IP core lounge?


Most fee-based Xilinx IP cores are enabled by FLEXlm license keys that you can generate on the Product Download and Licensing Site www.xilinx.com/getlicense

There are also a few fee-based IP cores that, once purchased, are available only as a netlist that must be downloaded from an IP core "lounge" (protected access areas on the Xilinx.com Website):

Turbo Product Code Encoder

The other variation on this "delivery through IP core lounge" fulfillment approach is to provide a form in an IP core lounge that the customer must download, fill out and send back to a specified email alias in order to receive the appropriate IP core netlist. The one core that this applies to is:

Turbo Product Code Decoder

For these cores with downloadable netlists, no physical media is shipped. The "Order" link on the Xilinx.com product page for the core specifies which delivery method applies.

You can obtain information on Xilinx IP and search for the various IP core product pages from the ISE Design Suite: Intellectual Property page: http://www.xilinx.com/content/xilinx/en/products/intellectual-property/index.html).

When you purchase a license for an IP core that is only available as a download, a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the core is sent to you.

The majority of Xilinx fee-based IP is licensed under the Core License Agreement, which restricts use of the core to projects developed at the purchasing site. A "site" is defined as a 5-mile radius of the licensed site address, and only engineers located at the licensed site may obtain access to the lounges for download-only IP.

IP Evaluations

Information on how to evaluate individual fee-based IP can be found on IP-specific evaluation information pages linked to the "Evaluate" button on the product page for each core. You can also find a listing of IP evaluation information pages for most Xilinx IPon the Xilinx IP Evaluation page. Most IP evaluations are enabled by FLEXlm evaluation license keys you can generate on the Product Licensing site, www.xilinx.com/getlicense. To evaluate the download-only IP, you must file a request through your local Xilinx FAE, and sign a Core Evaluation License Agreement.

Certain FLEXlm license enabled IP may provide data sheets, and C and MatLab models through IP lounges for evaluation purposes. Access to these lounges must be made through your local Xilinx FAE and are subject to additional restrictions.

All evaluation IP provided on Xilinx.com is covered by the Xilinx Core Evaluation License Agreement located at: http://www.xilinx.com/ipcenter/ipevaluation/ipevaluation_license.htm. Please read this document carefully as you will be prompted to accept this license agreement when you request access to evaluation IP.

AR# 25196
Date 11/10/2014
Status Active
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