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AR# 25243

9.1i EDK - SDK error: "The Managed Make project file could not be read"


Keyword: Standard Make C Project, Managed Make Project file 


I have a "Standard Make C Project" (user Makefile) and several "C Application Projects" (Makefile managed by SDK) in my SDK. If I start SDK, an error message (similar to the following) regarding the Standard Make C Project "Import" appears:  


Error Message (appears in a dialog box that pops up after opening SDK) 


The Managed Make project file could not be read because of the following error: 

The Managed Make project file for project Import is missing. 

Managed Make functionality will not be available for this project. 



This error is due to the missing ".cdtbuild" file in the SW project.  


You can use the following steps to work around the problem: 


1. Generate a dummy project in SDK by using the New -> C Application Project (Makefile automatically generated and managed by SDK). 

2. Copy and paste the ".cdtbuild" file from the SDK generated project into your SW project folder. 

3. Open the file in any text editor and replace the name of the dummy project with the one for your SW project. 

4. Save the file and restart SDK.

AR# 25243
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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