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AR# 25408

LogiCORE Endpoint for PCI Express - When testing in HW, the BIOS freezes on startup with the default BAR settings in CORE Generator


The BIOS freezes when implementing a design using the default BAR settings in CORE Generator. Often times, an error is displayed by the BIOS referring to memory allocation. An example is shown below: 


"Error 0164 Memory Size error 


Error 1806 PCI/PNP error, Resource Conflict 


PCI in Slot 7 


Bus 04 Device 00 Function 00"


Xilinx endpoint solutions for PCI Express are able to request up to 2 GB of memory space for an IO BAR. Many chipsets on the market today do not have the ability to allocate large amounts (more than 16 K) of I/O memory. Chipsets will often produce an error or will not enumerate a device if the memory requested by an I/O BAR cannot be allocated by system software.  


To resolve this issue, please reduce the memory requested in the IO BAR or do not implement an IO BAR. Recommended IO BAR request is 2K, or lower if you are having this problem.

AR# 25408
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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