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AR# 25437

Virtex-4 FX - RocketIO Wizard v1.5 - Release Notes and Known Issues for 9.2i IP Update 1


This Release Notes and Known Issues answer record is for the Virtex-4 RocketIO Wizard v1.5, released in 9.2 IP1, and contains the following information: 

- New Features 

- Bug Fixes 

- Known Issues


New Features 

* Added software support for ISE 9.2i 

* Updated algorithm for RXRCPADJ attribute 


Bug Fixes 

* GT11_INIT bug reported in (Xilinx Answer 25469) has been fixed 

* CR 301286: Unbonded MGTs in some packages are not reflected in the Wizard 

tile placement 


Known Issues 

* 64B/66B options have not been tested in hardware. Devices supporting 64B/66B 

were not available at development time. 

* Multilane protocol files such as XAUI may not turn on all required MGTs in 

some packages. If your wrapper is missing lanes, please recustomize your 

wrapper and select the needed MGTs on Wizard page 2. 

* Wizard page 2 (Placement Customization) allowed selection of unbonded MGTs 

on the xc4vfx60 in the ff672 package. MGTs X0Y0, X0Y1, X1Y0, and X1Y1 are 

not connected to external pins. 

* Configurations using different line rates for TX and RX on the same MGT have 

not been thoroughly tested, and may not work. 

* Example designs for configurations using different data widths for TX and RX 

may not function. 

* Be careful to use run lengths supported by your silicon version when 

selecting "no encoding"/"no decoding" on Wizard page 3. 

* The example designs provide little support for CRC. The wrapper will 

configure the CRC blocks, but additional work is required to test and 

connect the logic. 

* Setting the comma alignment (Wizard page 4) smaller than the data path width 

allows incoming data to be aligned to multiple positions. The example design 

does not account for this and may indicate errors even though data is being 

received correctly. 

* The example design does not currently include blocks to demonstrate Channel 

Bonding and Clock Correction. 

* The GT11 smartmodel will produce RX Disparity errors resulting from rounding 

problems for some reference clock periods. If, in simulation, the MGT 

wrapper locks successfully but shows numerous disparity errors, edit 

testbench/example_tb.v(hd) and increment or decrement the REFCLK period 

by 0.01. This is the case for Fibre Channel 2x and 4x; for example, where 

the refclk period must be changed from 4.71 ns to 4.7 ns.

AR# 25437
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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