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AR# 263

XNFMERGE ERROR 220 may be caused by multiple periods in filenames


If XNFMERGE is run on a design that contains a filename that
contains more than one period, such as design.a.b.c, it will
fail with an error similar to the one shown below.

(c) Copyright 1987-1994 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved

List of files read
Read file design.xnf
ERROR 220: Can't open file 'block.a'.
Netlist written to file design.xff


XNFMERGE does not correctly handle file names that contain more
than one period (it cannot find them). Such file names are
often generated by synthesis tools, such as Mentor Graphics'
Autologic tool. There are several possible workarounds for this

* If possible, have the source design flattened before XNFMerge is run. This can be done in Autologic, for example, by selecting Optimize ->
Set Opt Constraints -> Set Hier Controls -> Flatten: Yes.

* For each symbol or schematic that contains a period in its name, rename
it so that there are no periods.

* Edit the each of the .xnf files adding the .xnf extension to the TYPE
field. The TYPE field is the third comma-separated field in a line that
begins with SYM, in the .xnf file. An example of this follows:

line from .xnf PRIOR to editing:


line from .xnf AFTER editing:


* A script exists called fixsyms. When run on a design it will fix
the TYPE symbol references, effectively ridding the file of the
multiple periods. It is accompanied by two awk scripts,
getbsyms.awk and getsyms.awk. The script is available on the
Xilinx BBS as fixsyms.zip, or can be emailed from Xilinx Techical
support. This script will only run on workstations.

To run fixsyms on a design, first translate the design to .xnf and with
the fixsyms script and the two awk scripts in the working directory

fixsyms design.xnf

fixsyms will traverse the design, pushing into each of the .xnf files
used in the design and will add the .xnf extension to the TYPE field.
fixsyms is a c-shell script for the workstation.

**** Note to Xilinx tech support, others please ignore ****

The email files are:

AR# 263
Date 03/31/1997
Status Archive
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