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AR# 29015

10.1 EDK - ERROR:MDT - rgb2gray_sm () - couldn't open "../../../pcores/ rgb2gray_sm_v1_00_a/doc/html/api/index.template"


This is an issue confined to pcores exported from SysGen. The design works in XPS. However, when the software application is imported in SDK, libgen generates the following error:

ERROR:MDT - rgb2gray_sm () - couldn't open

"../../../pcores/rgb2gray_sm_v1_00_a/doc/html/api/index.template": no such

file or directory

while executing

"open $fn r"

(procedure "expand_Template_File" line 8)

invoked from within



"../../../pcores/${ipname}_v${ipver}/doc/html/api/index.html" $..."

(procedure "::sw_rgb2gray_sm_v1_00_a::generate" line 26)

invoked from within

"::sw_rgb2gray_sm_v1_00_a::generate 42021904"

Copying Library Files ...

ERROR:MDT - Error while running "generate" for processor microblaze_0...

make: *** [C:/sysgen_rgb2gray/ml405_rgb2gray/SDK_projects/microblaze_0_sw_platform/microblaze_0/lib/libxil.a] Error 2

Build complete for project RGB2GRAY_SDK


This issue arises because of the difference in the path where libgen is executed from in XPS and SDK.

The working directory in SDK is:


whereas in XPS it is:


and hence the errors in SDK.

The resolution is to change the path in the ".tcl" file generated along with the pcore. You have to replace the line

expand_Template_File "../../../pcores/${ipname}_v${ipver}/doc/html/api/index.template" "../../../pcores/${ipname} _v${ipver}/doc/html/api/index.html" $hw_inst $ws $rs $ipname 1


expand_Template_File "../../../../../pcores/${ipname}_v${ipver}/doc/html/api/index.template" "../../../../../pcores/${ipname}_v${ipver}/doc/html/api/index.html" $hw_inst $ws $rs $ipname 1

AR# 29015
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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