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AR# 29167

LogiCORE OBSAI v1.1 - GTP attribute is incorrect and must be changed


When using OBSAI, a GTP attribute is incorrect and must be changed. 


The RocketIO GTP Wizard does not set the correct GTP attribute to enable accurate Round Trip Delay measurement. The settings in the example design, produced by default by the RocketIO GTP Wizard, must be modified to enable accurate RTT operation.


To make the modification in the RocketIO GTP Wizard GUI, follow these steps: 


1. After step 4 in the "RocketIO GTP Wizard" section in Chapter 3 of the OBSAI User Guide, move forward to page 7 of the Wizard (RX Comma Alignment pane). 

2. Change the "Align to..." box from "Any Byte Boundary" to "Even Byte Boundaries." The wrapper can then be generated as usual.

AR# 29167
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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