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AR# 29171

Virtex-5 GTP RocketIO - GTP timing simulations fail in ISE 9.2.02


The timing simulation model for the GTP_DUAL in ISE 9.2.02 contains a bug that can cause the GTP RX interface to output Xs in Verilog timing simulation. The failures will occur only in timing simulations that include the GTP_DUAL and only when using ISE 9.2.02. Behavioral simulation is not affected. This Answer Record contains a patch to fix GTP timing simulation in ISE 9.2.02.


To install the patch.  


1. Backup the X_GTP_DUAL.v file in the %Xilinx%\verilog\src\simprims directory in a temporary directory. 

2. Download the patched file here:  

3. Overwrite X_GTP_DUAL.v in the %Xilinx%\verilog\src\simprims directory with the patched file. 

4. Re-run COMPXLIB. 


Alternatively, you can compile the patched X_GTP_DUAL.v directly into your simulation. For example, in ModelSim add the line vlog -work simprims_ver X_GTP_DUAL.v to your .do script.

AR# 29171
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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