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AR# 29186

9.2i EDK - Unable to access DHCP APIs in an lwIP application


Keywords: DHCP, LwIP

The hardware design includes a TEMAC, the software platform uses lwIP, and I would like the software application to behave as a DHCP client. However, when I add calls to the lwIP DHCP functions (for example: dhcp_fine_tmr() and dhcp_coarse_timer() from dhcp.c of lwIP source) there is a link error.

So, the DHCP functions do not appear to be part of the generated libxil.a. The Software Platform Settings user-interface of XPS does not appear to expose an explicit choice for including DHCP capability in the platform.

Is there any way to get lwIP's DHCP capability included in the generated software platform?


To add DHCP support in lwIP, LWIP_DHCP must be defined and set to 1.

This can be accomplished by adding PARAMETER LWIP_DHCP true in the lwIP section of the ".mss" file.

This option has not been tested, and therefore, it is not currently supported by Xilinx.
AR# 29186
Date 01/15/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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