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AR# 29257

Virtex-5 GTP RocketIO - SATA OOB/Beacon Signaling ? Deviation from UG 196 v1.4


Keywords: Elec, Idle, COM, WAKE, INIT, RESET, Beacon, out of band, OOB

This Answer Record describes an additional step required when using the OOB signaling interface on the GTP transceiver in SATA mode. This step is not described in UG196 v1.4 and earlier.


When implementing SATA OOB signaling, the TXELECIDLE port must be High for the burst mode to work properly. When TXELECIDLE is High, toggling TXCOMSTART for one TXUSRCLK2 cycle will initiate a COM sequence. The TXCOMTYPE port controls the type of COM signal transmitted (0 = COMRESET/COMINIT, 1 = COMWAKE).

If TXELECIDLE is Low, OOB signaling will not work even if TXCOMSTART is pulsed.
AR# 29257
Date 05/16/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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