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AR# 29262

10.1 EDK - SimGen "ERROR:MDT - File not found in any repository" with Verilog pcores


During the generation of simulation libraries, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:MDT - File not found in any repository"

The files are in the correct pcore directory and structure. How can I resolve this error?


This issue can occur when an underlying pcore library referenced in a pcore uses a different HDL language than the top-level HDL, and the underlying pcore's PAO does not specify an HDL type for each of the files. An example is the Verilog xcl_bfm core that uses the VHDL opb_ipif_v3_01_c library.

When a library is used without an HDL specified, the tools use the same language as the parent pcore for the underlying library, which causes the tools to look in the wrong HDL directory for the source files.

You can resolve this issue by using one of the following solutions:

- Correct the underlying pcore PAO to specify a language for each HDL source file.

- Change the parent pcore PAO to specify each underlying pcore HDL with a specified language for each source file instead of the usual "all" keyword.

AR# 29262
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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