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AR# 29440

System Generator for DSP - Why am I getting an "ERROR:XdmHelpers:682 - Second definition of specification "TS_clk_XXXX"?


Why am I getting the error: "ERROR:XdmHelpers:682 - Second definition of specification "TS_clk_XXXX," when NGDBUILD attempts to apply a TIMESPEC from the System Generator?


This is often seen when XST is used as the synthesis tool in System Generator for DSP where the generated netlist and associated .ncf are included in the project directory. The .ncf file is used for third-party synthesis tools and is not required by XST. 


To work around this problem, remove duplicate TIMESPECs from any of the constraints files.

AR# 29440
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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