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AR# 29441

9.2i EDK - GenACE fails to program multiple devices in the JTAG chain


Keyword: FPGA, SVF

When I attempt to generate an ACE file that will program multiple devices in the JTAG chain, following the example in the GenACE document (est_rm.pdf), it does not work. However, if I generate the ACE file using iMPACT, all devices configure and run correctly.

On my board, I have one System ACE followed by four Virtex-4 devices in the JTAG chain. The DONE pins from all four devices are connected together (this is similar to the Xilinx ML561 board).

The problem seems to be in iMPACT; it programs all the devices at once, but because of the way the ACE file is generated using "genace.tcl" script, it programs each device individually.


The "genace.tcl" script does not support the flow that is described above (i.e., to program all the devices at once). As a work-around please use the following:

1. Use the iMPACT script to generate SVF file for configuring bitstream.

2. Use the "genace.tcl" script to generate SVF files for only software; Elf file (i.e., do not specify the "-hw <bitstream>" option).

3. Concatenate the SVF files and generate the ACE file.
AR# 29441
Date 03/02/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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