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AR# 29461

9.2i EDK - XPS does not execute SimGen if library information is missing


Keywords: ModelSim, compedklib, CompXLib, SimGen

I have compiled my libraries using CompXLib from ISE. XPS does not execute the actions "Generate simulation HDL Files" and "Launch HDL Simulator". It just loads the applications preferences dialog box.


XPS does not execute the actions "generate simulation HDL Files, Launch HDL Simulator" if it cannot obtain library information from the path (for example, missing .compedklib_ise_info file).

If you want to use libraries which are already compiled, start the compedklib wizard and use the "Use the compiled libraries in the directory indicated below (do not compile)" option. After this, compedklib should create the .compedklib_ise_info file required to create simulation models.

Please note that ISE by default splits the VHDL and Verilog unisim/simprim libraries, while EDK expects them in a single directory. You can put them into a single directory by using ISE GUI preferences menu.
AR# 29461
Date 03/21/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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