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AR# 29463

10.1 EDK - How do I reactivate an application in XPS after it has been imported to SDK?


When I try to re-activate the application in XPS after deleting the SDK_Projects folder, I receive the following message:

"To manage this application in XPS, cancel out of this dialog, and delete the application in SDK."

How do I delete the project in SDK?


When an XPS software application is imported into SDK, SDK manages the software project, and software-related functions are disabled in XPS. In the XPS Applications tab, if you right-click on a project and SDK is managing the application, the XPS "Resolve Stale Application" dialog appears. The dialog instructs you to cancel out of the dialog and delete the software application in SDK first before making the application active in XPS again.

To delete a software application in SDK, right-click the project in the C/C++ Projects tab and select the Delete menu item. When confirming project deletion, you should normally select the "Do not delete contents" option. You may then return to XPS to make the application active.

If XPS still requests that you delete the software application in SDK, please confirm that the application was deleted using SDK, rather than by removing the SDK_projects directory. XPS and SDK communicate software application management state information via project files, and SDK updates these files in addition to removing data files when deleting an application.

If you inadvertently deleted a software application in SDK by removing the SDK_projects directory, rather than using the right click menu Delete option, XPS will still think SDK is managing the application. To recover from this condition, the following steps may be attempted only as a last resort (manual editing of project files and directories may render your project unusable and is not recommended):

1. Create a backup of your project directory

2. Exit SDK and XPS

3. Edit the system.xmp file and after locating the application to be made active in XPS, change the value of the "NonXpsApp" parameter from 1 to 0

4. Delete the file __xps/sdk2xps.apps

AR# 29463
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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