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AR# 295

Global Index: Errors On HBLKNM, H_SET, HU_SET index listings


The pages for HBLKNM and H_SET in the global index
are listed as:

HBLKNM attribute L1-47, O4-15, V4-4,
architectures L1-16
purpose L1-16
symbols L1-16
syntax L1-17, L1-46

H_SET constraint L1-17, L1-76, L1-77,
L1-87, L1-95

HU_SET constraint L1-87, L1-95, V4-6
architectures L1_17
purpose L1-17
purppose L1-82
syntax L1-18, L1-83

Instead of L1-xx, these pages should be listed as L4-xx. There
may be other areas in the index where chapter L4 is incorrectly
listed as chapter L1.

AR# 295
Date 03/31/1997
Status Archive
Type ??????
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