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AR# 29500

9.1i EDK - LLTEMAC driver example fails in FIFO mode


In some designs, the FIFO mode LLTEMAC driver example fails when preceded by another example (e.g., polled mode).


This problem occurs because the previous example does not clear the interrupt status bits of the FIFO, and are interpreted later as real interrupts. Depending on the timing of the system and how quickly the processor can transmit a frame, the result of the FIFO mode example can be pass or fail. This problem is common in BSB designs because BSB runs the polled mode example just prior to the FIFO mode example. 


To work around this issue, clear any pending interrupts at the beginning of the FIFO mode example, or at the end of the polled mode example. 


This issue has been fixed in EDK 9.2i.

AR# 29500
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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