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AR# 29639

9.2i Virtex-4 MAP - MAP hangs while running Physical DRC


My Virtex-4 design hangs at the end of MAP when running with Timing Driven packing, and crashes without. Is this a known problem?

Timing Driven Mapping behavior:


Phase 18.34

Phase 18.34 (Checksum:aba94ee) REAL time: 57 mins 4 secs

REAL time consumed by placer: 57 mins 50 secs

CPU time consumed by placer: 44 mins 49 secs

Inspecting route info ...

Route info done.


Non-Timing Driven Mapping Behavior


Running related packing...

Writing design file "test_ntd_j39.ncd"...

Segmentation fault


There is a known problem with Virtex-4 designs with a particular DCM configuration where MAP crashes or hangs while running DRC at the end of MAP. To confirm that DRC is causing the crash, try rerunning MAP with the following environment variable set:



Linux and Solaris

setenv XIL_MAP_NODRC 1

This problem will be fixed in ISE version 10.1. Meanwhile a patch is available for 9.2i that disables only the failing check. Please open a WebCase and refer to this Answer Record by number.


AR# 29639
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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