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AR# 29641

10.1 EDK, MPMC v4.00.a - How do I use a memory part that is not listed in the MPMC GUI?


The memory or DIMM part number that I am using with my system does not exist in the MPMC GUI. How do I use it with the MPMC?


The CUSTOM part flow accommodates devices that are not already part of the MPMC tool. The basic flow to use a currently unsupported part is as follows:

1. In the Memory Interface tab, choose a similar device, specifically of the same memory type. Similar devices have similar timing values and can be used as a sanity check when entering the actual values later.

2. Choose CUSTOM part number. Memory timing parameters are visible in the Memory Part Settings sub-tab and are automatically written to the MHS file.

3. Modify the memory part settings values according to the data sheet values of the desired device.

4. Click OK. All memory parameters are then written to the MHS file for later review or editing.

5. MPMC is no longer accepting requests for new memory parts to add to the MPMC database. Future devices used with MPMC will use the MIG part database instead of maintaining a separate MPMC part database.

AR# 29641
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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