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AR# 29699

9.2i ISE - Project Navigator reports: "ERROR: Failed to create the command line for XST"


Keyword: XST, command, edif, edf, ngc, xco, Translate, Implement

When running synthesis or a command that requires synthesis (for example, Implement, Translate) for a project with .edif/.edf/.ngc as top level and a .xco added to the project sources, the following error message is issued and the process fails:

"ERROR: Failed to create the command line for XST. One or more procedures reported errors."


Adding cores to EDIF/EDF/NGC projects is not supported in ISE 9.2i and should not be allowed. However, there are certain situations where a user may be able to add a core to this type of project.

Adding a core to an EDIF or NGC project should not be required as running Translate, NgdBuild, should automatically find and pick up the .edn and/or .ngc files of the cores in the project directory by default OR a directory pointed to by the Macro Search Path.

To solve this problem, follow the steps as below.

1. Remove the .xco file and you don't need to add any files of the core(s).

2. If the .edn and/or .ngc files of the core(s) is put in the project directory, go to step 4.

3. If the .edn and/or .ngc files of the core(s) is not put in the project directory, set the Macro Search path to point to the location of these files. To set this property, right click on "Translate" and select "properties" in the Processes Tab.

4. Re-run Implement/Translate.

AR# 29699
Date 05/18/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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