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AR# 29708

9.2i EDK SP2 - xps_ll_temac_v1_00_b, TX Checksum offloading is broken, and the XPS LL Temac example code has Checksum Offload test code commented out


In version v1_00_b of the xps_ll_temac, TX CSUM off loading is broken, and the Checksum Offload example code for the XPS LL Temac core, "xlltemac_example_intr_sgdma.c," is commented out so this test does not run.

When the test code for Checksum Offload is uncommented and run, the following error occurs:

"Temac: Rx packet rejected"


The corrected x_ll_if.vhdl file that fixes this issue is available at:


Unzip and put the tx_ll_if.vhdl file in the local "pcore" directory of your current project.

The issue will be fixed in xps_ll_temac_v1_01_a of the xps_ll_temac in EDK 10.1 and will be available at:


AR# 29708
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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