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AR# 29770

9.2 Spartan-3E specs- 5-90 MHz DCM waring is incorrect input frequency of DFS without DLL for stepping 0 in Archtecture wizard.


Key words: Spartan 3E, DCM, DLL,DFS, frequency, architecture wizard.

When using Architecture wizard to generate DCM for Spartan 3E stepping 0, a waring pops up as below if the input clock is outside of DLL out range.

The input clock frequency correctly fall with the Spartan3E stepping 1 valid range. However, the input clock frequency does not fall within the valid Spartan 3E stepping 0 range of 5-90. Please check the datasheet.


The warning is incorrect, please ignore it and refer to datasheet.

Input frequency range for steppine 0 & 1: 0.2-333MHz without DLL and 5-90MHz with DLL.

AR# 29770
Date 01/07/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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