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AR# 29780

9.2i EDK SP1 - plbv46_pcie_v1_00_a, when building a system using Base System Builder, the MPLB_Clk is assigned incorrectly to a 'net_gnd' in pcie core


The MPLB_Clk port does not have SIGIS=CLK tag in the _hdl.mpd file and this causes the MPLB_Clk to be assigned to net_gnd when building a system using Base System Builder. The problem can be resolved by editing the ".mhs" file and removing the net_gnd connection to the MPLB_Clk port and reconnecting the MPLB_Clk port to the system PLB clock source (e.g., PCIe_UserClk).


Below is a snippet in the MHS file under "plbv46_pcie" that connects the MPLB_Clk port to the system PLB clock source. 


PORT MPLB_Clk = PCIe_UserClk 

PORT SPLB_Clk = PCIe_UserClk 


PORT REFCLK = int_ref_clk 


Note the MPLB_Clk port connection uses the same clock input (e.g., PCIe_UserClk) as the SPLB_Clk port connection. This is how a customer would have to connect the clock ports on the Bridge after removing the net_gnd connection that Base System Builder applies to the MPLB_Clk port.

AR# 29780
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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