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AR# 29922

9.2i ISE - Unable to invoke Synplify Pro 9.0 from Project Navigator; "invalid argument -splash" message occurs


Keywords: Synplify, 9.0.0, invalid, argument, splash, launchmode, integrated, synthesis

I cannot synthesize with Synplify Pro 9.0.0 within Project Navigator. When I perform synthesis, the following errors occur:

Invalid argument on command line: -splash
Invalid argument on command line: -launchmode

How can I work around this issue, and when will this problem be resolved?


With version 9.0, Synplify and Synplify Pro no longer accept the -splash and -launchmode switches. This change breaks the Project Navigator - Synplify/ Pro integration since Project Navigator uses the -splash and -launchmode in the command line to call Synplify/ Pro.

Xilinx and Synplicity have been in communication over this issue and have agreed on the following:

- Synplicity will change Synplify/ Pro to accept the version 8.9-style arguments when invoked. This change will happen in version 9.0.2, which is scheduled for mid-January.

- Xilinx will convert integration calls in future SW releases to use the newer command line switches provided for Synplify/ Pro.

Until version 9.0.2 of Synplify/ Pro is released, Project Navigator users who wish to use Synplify or Synplify Pro for synthesis will need to either use Synplify/ Pro 8.9 or earlier versions, or they can use Synplify/ Pro standalone and then add the generated netlist to the Project Navigator project.
AR# 29922
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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