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AR# 30010

9.2.04i Impact - How can I configure a device which is connected to a remote computer?


I would like to configure an FPGA which is connected to a remote computer.

How can I do so?


In iMPACT after you have set the mode (Boundary Scan or Slave serial, etc.), then go to the Output (Alt +O) menu and select "Cable Setup..." to open Cable Communication setup.

Now select the type of cable in communication mode and set the Cable Location to Remote and then enter the IP address of the remote machine.

Note: The following should be taken care when configuring remotely:

  • iMPACT and Xilinx cable drivers must be installed on the remote computer.
  • The CableServer executable must be running on the remote computer in order for a connection to be made.
  • To start the cable server, go to the appropriate operating system directory under $Xilinx/bin and run the CableServer executable.
  • The cable server needs to remain running as long as remote cable operations are desired.
AR# 30010
Date 09/06/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1
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