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AR# 30062

10.1 Constraints Editor/PACE/Floorplan Editor - Comma separated ranges are ignored


A multi-component range is ignored if the RANGE contains more than one type of components. If the RANGE contains both SLICES and DSP48s, the second type is ignored.


To work around this issue, manually edit the UCF and place each RANGE as individual lines in the UCF. 


An example: 


Broken syntax: 

INST "RM_data_control" AREA_GROUP = "RR_RM_data_control" ; 

AREA_GROUP "RR_RM_data_control" RANGE = SLICE_X0Y44:SLICE_X27Y20, DSP48_X0Y25:DSP48_X0Y14; 


Working syntax: 

INST "RM_data_control" AREA_GROUP = "RR_RM_data_control" ; 

AREA_GROUP "RR_RM_data_control" RANGE = SLICE_X0Y44:SLICE_X27Y20; 

AREA_GROUP "RR_RM_data_control" RANGE = DSP48_X0Y25:DSP48_X0Y14; 


This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the next major release of the design tools.

AR# 30062
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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