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AR# 30203

10.1 ChipScope Pro, LogiCORE ICON (ChipScope Pro - Integrated Controller) - When I generate my ICON Core, I see "ERROR:NgdBuild:756 - "../cs/icon.ncf" Line 1: Could not find net(s)"


When I generate my ICON Core through CORE Generator, I see the following errors in NGDBuild:

"ERROR:NgdBuild:756 - "../cs/icon.ncf" Line 1: Could not find net(s)

'U0/U_ICON/iDRCK' in the design. To suppress this error specify the correct

net name or remove the constraint."


This error occurs when the a BUFG is not included on the JTAG clock line in the ICON Core. To work around this, enable inserting the BUFG on the ICON by unchecking the "Disable JTAG Clock BUFG Insertion" checkbox.

This issue will be resolved in ChipScope Pro 10.1 Service Pack 2.

AR# 30203
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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