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AR# 30213

10.1 EDK, opb_mch_sdram_v1.01.b - Controller hangs during burst transactions


When using the opb_mch_sdram controller with EDK, I find that the controller hangs during bursts. The MCH Full signal is continually asserted. 


How do I resolve this issue?


This issue has been worked around by modifying the mch_opb_ipif Core. Copy the mch_opb_ipif_v1_01_a Core from the EDK installation directory to the local project. Then, modify the chnl_logic.vhd file on line 756 from: 

Chnl_Req <= '0' when (Addr_Master = '1') else chnl_req_reg; 


Chnl_Req <= chnl_req_reg; 


This core is not being updated. For new designs, use the MPMC controller with the SDRAM PHY.

AR# 30213
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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