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AR# 30217

10.1 iMPACT, ChipScope, SysGen, XMD - Platform Cable USB cable disconnects with "DeviceDetach: received detach for device handle 0x......." message


Keywords: JTAG, Configuration, Debug, EDK, ISE, ILA, Programming, Red Hat, LogiCORE ICON (ChipScope Pro - Integrated Controller), LogiCORE VIO (ChipScope Pro - Virtual Input/Output), LogiCORE ATC2 (ChipScope Pro - Agilent Trace Core 2)

On Linux, when more than one application attempts to connect to the Platform Cable USB and subsequently disconnects, both applications are disconnected. A message indicates that the cable has disconnected, and a "INFO: write cmdbuffer failed 2000000F" message appears when any operations are attempted (this includes Cable Unlock operations). This behavior is apparent in the following scenario:

- A first application opens the Platform Cable.
- A second application opens the same USB cable.
- The first application closes the cable connection.
- The cable connection is lost for both applications.


You can use one of the following to work around this issue:

- Use the Libusb Driver. For details on how to use the Libusb driver, refer to (Xilinx Answer 29310).
- Close cable after use; before opening the second application, close the cable in the first application.

AR# 30217
Date 06/20/2008
Status Active
Type General Article