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AR# 30235

10.1 EDK, xps_ll_temac_v1_01_a - System fails NGDBuild and MAP when selecting SGMII or 1000Base-X PHY interface in Virtex-5 FXT


When building a Virtex-5 FXT system with an SGMII or 1000Base-X PHY interface (the two PHY interfaces that use MGTs), the design selects a Virtex-5 LXT design instead and tries to use GTPs instead of GTX transceivers. This causes a mismatch in constraints in the "system.ucf" file and a MAP error (if the constraints are removed). GTPs do not occur in a Virtex-5 FXT device.

The problem occurs during implementation. If I place the recommended constraints in the "system.ucf" file, error messages occur in NGDBuild due to constraints on signals that do not exist. If I do not have any TEMAC constraints, MAP errors occur indicating that GTPs are not supported in Virtex-5 FX devices.

When using any other PHY interface, problems do not occur.


You can resolve this issue by changing a single file. The corrected "v5_temac_wrap.vhd" file that fixes this issue is available at:


Unzip and place the "v5_temac_wrap.vhd" file in the following subdirectory:


You must manually create this subdirectory under <project_name>/pcores

Also, review (Xilinx Answer 30188) for an additional patch.

This issue will be fixed in the xps_ll_temac_v1_01_b release of the EDK 10.1 SP2.

AR# 30235
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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