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AR# 30281

9.2 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - Devices Are Missing From Project Option


Some, or all, of the devices associated with a Technology are missing from the Project Option Menu and the SetProjectOption -device command.


Resolution For Incorrect Xilinx Environment Variable

If AccelDSP is first invoked before the Xilinx Environment Variable is correctly set, the device/part list is incomplete. Therefore, some devices for the "device" Project Option are not available. To fix this, regenerate the device/part information according to the following steps.

1. Check that the Xilinx Environment Variable is set to the appropriate installation of ISE. See the Release Notes to know which versions of ISE are required for each installation of AccelDSP.

2. Invoke AccelDSP.

3. In the "Tcl Console" Window, at the bottom of the AccelDSP GUI, type the following command "AccelDSP::RefreshPartGenInfo" and hit Enter/Return.

Resolution When Using WEB Pack Version of ISE

If using the WEB Pack Version of ISE, not all devices are supported, and the Part Information for AccelDSP will include only those parts that come with the WEB Pack. The problem is that the "xc4vsx35" device, which is the default Device for AccelDSP, is not included in the WEB Pack. Therefore, you must first edit the AccelDSP Project File (*.acc) and replace the line

SetProjectOption -device xc4vsx35


SetProjectOption -device xc4vsx25

The "xc4vsx25" device is included in the WEB Pack version of ISE.

AR# 30281
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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