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AR# 30393

10.1 EDK - "ERROR:MDT - xget_handle xxxx xxxx parent : A NULL handle was provided..."


When I attempt to generate OS, Drivers, and Libraries in the EDK tools, I receive the following error message: 


"Running generate for OS'es, Drivers and Libraries ...  

ERROR:MDT - xget_handle 142367944 149442360 parent : A NULL handle was provided 

ERROR:MDT - lwip () - expected integer but got "142367944 149442360" 

while executing 

"xget_handle $inhandle "parent"" 

(procedure "xget_hw_parent_handle" line 2) 

invoked from within 

"xget_hw_parent_handle $sink_port" 

(procedure "lwip_get_mode" line 24) 

invoked from within 

"lwip_get_mode $inst_handle" 

(procedure "xgen_config_file" line 91) 

invoked from within 

"xgen_config_file "xtemacif_g.c" "XTemacIf"" 

(procedure "::sw_lwip_v2_00_a::generate" line 56) 

invoked from within 

"::sw_lwip_v2_00_a::generate 151449864"  

ERROR:MDT - Error while running "generate" for processor ppc405_0..." 


Why is this error occuring and how do I work around it?


This error will occur in Libgen when interrupts from the MHS are routed to external ports for debugging purposes. 


For example, routing the PPC interrupt pins to top level ports (as follows) will produce the error: 


PORT Interrupt_pin = EICC405EXTINPUTIRQ, DIR = O 

PORT Ethernet_Interrupt_pin = Ethernet_MAC_IP2INTC_Irpt, DIR = O 


To work around the issue, port the interrupt signals only to the interrupt controller.

AR# 30393
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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