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AR# 30395

9.1i EDK - Address space overlap error for PLB Central DMA


Keywords: PLB, Centra,l DMA, Addrress, Overlap, EXCLUDE_BUSIF, EXCLUDE

I add a PLB Central DMA controller v1.00a to the system, connect it to the PLB bus, and generate the address space.
When running PlatGen, I get an error saying that there is an "address space overlap" between plb_cental_dma_0 and itself, as follows:

"Check platform address map ...
ERROR:MDT - INST:plb_central_dma_0 BASEADDR-HIGHADDR:0x81800000-0x8180ffff and
INST:plb_central_dma_0 BASEADDR-HIGHADDR:0x81800000-0x8180ffff -
F:\Cases\728299DMA\92\system.mhs line 341 and
F:\Cases\728299DMA\92\system.mhs line 341 - address space overlap!"

How can I solve this error?


PLB Central DMA controller has two PLB bus interfaces; one is SPLB and the other is MSPLB, which have been marked as excluded from each other with the keyword "EXCLUDE_BUSIF" in the MPD file.

Only one of the bus interfaces should be used; if both of the bus interfaces are connected to a PLB bus, the above error will occur.
AR# 30395
Date 02/26/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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