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AR# 30441

10.1 EDK - "ERROR: lwip-1.2.0/src/core/inet.c: In function 'u16_t lwip_standard_chksum(void*, int)':" -- Can lwIP be compiled with a C++ compiler?


Keywords: lwIP, g++, c++, gcc, compile

When I try to compile an lwIP application using GCC's C++ compiler, G++, the following errors occur:

"lwip-1.2.0/src/core/inet.c: In function 'u16_t lwip_standard_chksum(void*, int)':
lwip-1.2.0/src/core/inet.c:179: error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'u8_t*'"


lwIP 1.3.0 will support C++ compilation. This is currently available in the open source lwIP repository. It is planned to incorporate this source in a future release of the EDK lwIP. Until then, lwIP will only compile with a C compiler.

The current version of lwIP shipped with EDK is based off of lwIIP 1.2.0. This does not support C++ compilation.

This has been resolved in 11.1.

AR# 30441
Date 04/24/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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