has an equation that uses input pin I1"">


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AR# 30477

10.1 XST - "ERROR:MapLib:979 - LUT2 symbol has an equation that uses input pin I1"


The following MAP error occurs when I instantiate an ICON and ILA core in two different modules:

"ERROR:MapLib:979 - LUT2 symbol <instance name> has an equation that uses input pin I1 which no longer has a connected signal. Please ensure that all the pins used in the equation for this LUT have signals that are not trimmed (see Section 5 of the Map Report file for details on which signals were trimmed)."

Why does this happen?


This is a bug in XST that got fixed in ISE software 10.1 sp2.

You can work around this issue in one of two ways:

- Turn off the "read cores" option under Synthesis properties.
- Move both cores into the same module in the HDL.

AR# 30477
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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