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AR# 30521

10.1 ISE/CORE Generator - Customization GUIs will not open when ISE is on a network drive


Trying to open certain IP core GUIs fails when CORE Generator is opened through Manage Cores.

In some cases they may see a Java Exception like the following:

[cmsg] - java.lang.Exception: Can't decrypt encoded file: /nicnac/gensys/xbuilds/IP1_J.8_J.31.2_S3AX/coregen/ip/xilinx/network/com/xilinx/ip/pci32_v

3_161/pci32_v3_161.class.enc - com.xilinx.coreutil.exception.InputFileReadException: File /nicnac/gensys/xbuilds/IP1_J.8_J.31.2_S3AX/coregen/ip/xilinx/network/com/xilinx/ip/pci32_v

3_161/pci32_v3_161.class.enc does not exist.

Some PCI cores effected:

-pci 32bit interface
-pci 32bit interface (Virtex only) and the Spartan only version
-pci 64bit interface v3.161
-pci-x pci 64bit interface

The problem also occurs with Java cores run through ISE "manage cores" in NT over a network filesystem.

The console sometimes shows "ERROR:coreutil - Failure to correctly configure customization GUI", and there is an alert box saying "Could not create IP core for com.xilinx.ip.<corename>"


To work around this problem, first map the network location to a specific drive.

The problem is caused by Java incorrectly evaluating paths of the format \\machine\path\to\xilinx\tools. The workaround is either to run CORE Generator standalone with a mapped drive, or to install ISE (and CORE Generator) to the user's local hard disk.

This issue has been resolved in ISE 11.1 software.
AR# 30521
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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