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AR# 30542

11.2 CORE Generator - Incorrect VHO file created for Reed/Solomon Decoder when no license is found


When I generate a core, an invalid ".vho" file is produced when no valid license is available for the Reed/Solomon Decoder v6.0 core.

The ".vho" file includes all input and output ports on the core, and the buses have a length of (0 downto -1).

Example: ".vho" produced;

component dvb_rs_dec

port (

data_in: IN std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

mark_in: IN std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

n_in: IN std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

r_in: IN std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

sync: IN std_logic;

clk: IN std_logic;

ce: IN std_logic;

erase: IN std_logic;

reset: IN std_logic;

sr: IN std_logic;

punc_sel: IN std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

bit_err_0_to_1: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

bit_err_1_to_0: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

bit_err_rdy: OUT std_logic;

data_out: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

mark_out: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

data_del: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

blk_strt: OUT std_logic;

blk_end: OUT std_logic;

info_end: OUT std_logic;

erase_cnt: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

err_found: OUT std_logic;

err_cnt: OUT std_logic_VECTOR(0 downto -1);

fail: OUT std_logic;

ready: OUT std_logic;

rffd: OUT std_logic);

end component;


Once a valid license is obtained, the core can be regenerated to obtain the correct files.

For a detailed list of LogiCORE Reed Solomon Decoder Release Notes and Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 30176).
AR# 30542
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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