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AR# 30551

Xilinx Packaging - How do I convert the Xilinx-provided IPC-1752 form to an XML file?


Xilinx has adopted the IPC-1752-driven material compliance declaration format. IPC-1752 is a first attempt to standardize the format and compliance requirements of Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) in the semiconductor component industry in order to support initiatives, such as RoHS. In addition to the existing 100% MDDS documents, IPC-1752 PDF forms are provided for the Class 4 level of declaration in the "Distribute" form. Both of these documents are located at:


One advantage of this standard is its ability to integrate component-level material declaration data up to a system level. To achieve this, the IPC-1752 standard provides a predefined standard XML schema. IPC (http://www.ipc.org/175x)provides free copies of the IPC-1752 PDF form that provides the capability to export data from the PDF into an XML file compliant with the schema.

This Answer Record outlines the procedure to convert a Xilinx-provided Class 4 IPC-1752 PDF declaration form into its equivalent XML format.


To convert the IPC-1752 PDF form into the equivalent XML format (as defined by the IPC-1752), follow these steps:

1. Go to www.xilinx.com -> Documentation -> Documentation Types -> Package Specifications.

2. Download the Xilinx-provided package-specific IPC-1752 PDF form for the device of interest.

3. Open the PDF form downloaded in Step 2.

4. Go to page 2 in the PDF form.

5. Click on the Export Data button.

6. Save file with a .xml file extension.


- Adobe Reader 7.0.5 is required as a minimum to open the two PDF forms, IPC-1752-1 and IPC-1752-2; Version 7.0.7 or later of Adobe Reader is recommended.

- Note that Xilinx currently does not provide electronic signature endorsements for these forms; this is not required by the IPC-1752 standard.

- IPC has issued a notification that electronic signature might not function if you are using the 8.0 release. Adobe has been made aware of this problem.

Related Information

- 100% Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) for all Xilinx packages are located at:


- IPC-1752 FAQ Knowledgebase is located at:


- Free IPC-1752 for Materials Declaration download located at:


AR# 30551
Date 12/15/2012
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