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AR# 30562

10.1 ISE - Project Navigator 10.1 opens a 9.2i project, resulting in "ERROR:ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'list element in quotes ...'"


When I attempt to open a 9.2xi ISE project in 10.1 Project Navigator, I receive the following error:

Beginning migration of <proj_directory>/<proj>.ise

ERROR:ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'list element in quotes followed by "c:/program" instead of space'.

Tcl_ErrnoId: unknown error

Tcl_ErrnoMsg: Success

_cmd: source "<$Xilinx>/data/projnav/scripts/dpm_migrateTasks.tcl"; ::Xilinx::Dpm::migrateProject {<proj_directory>/<proj>..ise} 10.1 9.2.04i

errorInfo: list element in quotes followed by "c:/program" instead of space

while executing

"foreach { sLevel sViewName sViewType sUnused sPropName sPropValue } $varvalue {

# first, check for _virtex5, as this covers a *lo..."

("process_props" arm line 10)

invoked from within

"switch -- $varname {

"project_settings" -

"user_files" -

"imported_files" -

"libraries" -


(procedure "dpm_convertJTifToKTif" line 35)

invoked from within

"dpm_convertJTifToKTif aJTif aKTif $bIsDamselProject $bIsSnapshot "

(procedure "dpm_migrateAndUpdateIseFromJTif" line 54)

invoked from within

"dpm_migrateAndUpdateIseFromJTif $sensiblePath aJTif $bIsDamselProject $bIsSnapshot"

(procedure "::Xilinx::Dpm::migrateProject" line 149)

invoked from within

"::Xilinx::Dpm::migrateProject {<proj_directory>/<proj>..ise} 10.1 9.2.04i"


This error occurs when you select a custom text editor within Project Navigator and there is a space in the directory path to the editor.

Example: The user decides to use WordPad for all text editing and viewing, so he changes the Text Editor preference to "Custom" and the Command Line Syntax to: "C:/Program Files/Windows NT/Accessories/wordpad.exe" $1

Since the path to the editor has spaces, the Command Line syntax has double quotes added to allow the preference to work correctly. However, these quotation marks are not detected by the code that writes out the ".restore" file. As a result, the ".restore" file has an incorrect series of quotation marks in it.

The ISE 10 migration script uses the ".restore" file from an ISE 9.2i project and fails in the scenario above.

To work around this issue, change the Custom Editor preference before the migration. With the project open in 9.2i Project Navigator, place curly brackets around the path instead of double quotes, or remove the path altogether (10.1 Project Navigator does not pick up the custom editor from the ".restore" file).

If ISE 9.2i is no longer available, edit the ".restore" file to either add the curly brackets or change the Command Line Syntax

"A" "" "" "" "PROP_UserEditorCustomSetting" "{C:/Program Files/Windows NT/Accessories/wordpad.exe} $1"

A change was made to the ISE 10 software to correctly write out the custom editor field to the restore script. This change is available in the latest 10.1 Service Pack available at:

The first service pack containing the fix is 10.1 Service Pack 3.
AR# 30562
Date 07/09/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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